CPR Fairbanks Morse Diesel Builder's Plate from Class DRS-16d

When Canadian Pacific Railway discontinued their transcontinental passenger service, they sold most of their inventory through their 'CP Bygones' shop opened in the mid 1970's.  This seller purchased these two plates directly from CP Bygones and has stored them for over 35 years.  

This is a CLC (Canadian Locomotive Company) set of plates from CPR 'Baby Trainmaster' unit #8553.  This FM locomotive had serial #2896 (see photo #1) and was built in July 1955 and retired on March 20, 1972 after being fire damaged on the MacLeod Sub on January 28th, 1972. There is a small scratch across the number 6 on the contract number and they had originally stamped the model number as H-16-34 before overstamping with the correct number 44.  Photo #2 shows the tag attached by CP Bygones with their catalogue item number.

Photo #3 was taken by Stan Styles in Nelson, BC in April, 1969.  Photo from the Stan Styles collection.

Photo #4 shows #8553 painted in the Maroon and Grey 'script' paint scheme. Photographer and date unknown.  Photo courtesy of the Ron Visockis collection.

Photo #5 shows the remains of #8553 at Ogden Yard in Calgary, AB in 1972.  Photo taken by Bruce Chapman and courtesy of the Bill Sanderson collection.   

Locomotive photos courtesy (and permission obtained from) mountainrailway.com.

The diamond shaped plate comes complete with the 'Powered by Fairbanks Morse' bar plate which has some orange marker(?) on it which can be easily removed. Both plates are in excellent shape with very little damage around the mounting holes which is usually not the case when these plates were removed.  I did not attempt to clean them as most collectors prefer them in 'as is' original condition.  The plates are made of heavy sheet aluminum with stamped-in data.   

These plates together are exceedingly rare to locate.  Plates will be shipped in their original wrapper from CP Bygones with photos and history sheet all boxed to protect the contents.

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