Baldwin Builders Plate Set - CPR #8007

This road diesel was part of the first order of the 8000 series Baldwin-built DRS 4-4 1000 ordered by CPR and built in Dec. 1948 - CPR Class DRS-10a. This engine had a 6-606SC 6 cylinder turbocharged engine rated at 1000HP. It's serial number was 73974-2537.Originally these units were painted in a Maroon and Yellow paint scheme but shortly after were repainted into the much more familiar Maroon & Grey paint scheme.

This is a two plate set. The five sided 'baseball' plate has a small piece missing on the right upper side (this occurred frequently when these plates were removed as they are made of cast iron and care was needed when removing the bolts from the housing - see photo's #1 & 2). The small matching piece (see photo #3) is in very good condition. Both have some minor paint dabs (from the original yellow and maroon paint scheme).

#8007 spent most of it's life on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland of B.C.

On location photos: Unit photo #1 was shot in Feb. 12, 1949 on the Vancouver waterfront -Walter E. Gray photo. Unit photo #2 was shot at Nanaimo, B.C (photographer & date unknown) from the Claude Prutton collection. Unit photo # 3's information is included on the top of the photo.

All photos except #3 are courtesy of

This matching set was purchased directly by the seller from the CP Bygones Shop in the mid 1970's (see ID tags in plate photos).

It is very rare that both plates as a set become available.

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