Canadian Pacific Railway 4 Piece Coffee Set

(extremely rare – circa 1920's – bought directly from CPR in the mid 70's)

CPR exited the passenger train business in the early 1970's. They sold all of their silverware used in their dining cars through their own retailshop "CP Bygones". This style of coffee service was used in dining car service from the 1920's to 1960's. This 4 piece coffee set was purchased by this seller directly from CP Bygones and is extremely rare. Was professionally re-plated by CPR and is in excellent shape and looks new (see photos) appears to be used only for a short period of time after re-plating before being put on sale at the Bygones shop . The only item with any minor marks is the tray with three very small pit marks (see photo of tray) and a few very minor dents (latter so small that can't be photographed). The CPR logo in the centre of the tray is very good.

Each item has the CPR scripted logo and is quadruple plated. Tray, creamer and sugar bowl each have an inscription on the underside: 'Elkington & Co. (Sheffield, England)' and 'A.T. Wiley Co Montreal'. Coffee pot has inscription 'InternationalSilver Co. of Canada -Silver Soldered and is 1/2 pint size - 5" high. Sugar bowl and large creamer are each 3 1/2" high and both have hinged lids. Platter is 10" round.

Note: photos of items may appear to show discoloration but is only the reflection from the background while being photographed.

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full coffee set


sugar bowl

coffee pot

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