CPR Fairbanks Morse Diesel Builder's Plate #8610
(from Class H16-44 - CPR DRS-16h)

When Canadian Pacific Railway discontinued their transcontinental passenger service, they sold most of their inventory through their 'CP Bygones' shop opened in the mid 1970's. This seller purchased this set of two plates directly from CP Bygones and has stored them for 40 years. This is a CLC (Canadian Locomotive Company) set of plates from CPR Baby Trainmaster unit, #8610.

This FM unit had serial #2951 and was built in 1956, was fire damaged at MP 122.2 on the Laggan Sub on July 28th, 1971 and retired. CPR only had 40 of these units built by CLC. It is rare to find both the diamond shaped plate and the "Powered by FM" plate from the same engine.

The plates are made of sheet aluminum with stamped information embossed on the plates. Close up photo of the tag shows the ID tag attached to the main plate (see photo) by the CPR Bygones Shop and will be shipped in the original wrapper as packaged by the Bygones Shop (see photo).  The three photos in this listing will also be included in the package.

It is very rare to find the matching set of plates in this condition.

Train Photo background information:

Photo #1 was taken at Port Coquitlam , B.C. on January 19th, 1963 by Max Tschumi and is from the Bill Sanderson Collection.

Unit shown in Maroon & Grey 'block' paint scheme.

Photo #2 was taken at Nelson, B.C. by Stan Styles in July 1969 and is from the Craig McDowall/Gary Oliver collection.

Photo #3 was taken at Ogden Yard, Calgary in 1972 by D.R. Phillips, Bill Sanderson collection.

Note: All locomotive photos courtesy (and permission obtained from) mountainrailway.com.

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