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This collector purchased a small number of CPR steam locomotive bells directly from CPR in the mid 1970's.  These bells were to be auctioned by Canadian Pacific when they opened their Bygones store in the mid 1970's but due to issues with manufacturing the yokes, the auction never occurred.  We have had yokes and clappers manufactured very similar to the original CPR mounting hardware.  The bells are very heavy and will be shipped to buyers in their original wooden crates as sent to me by CPR.  The yokes and clappers will be shipped separately along with the history and photos (if available) of each locomotive that had these bells in operation.

Dimensions: Complete yoke and cradle assembly is 24" tall and the cradle is 21" wide at its apex. Bells are 13" high and 16" in diameter at the base.

Please Note:  Additional bells will be listed during the month of November.  

History of bells courtesy of Ray Verdone - and the vintage locomative photos from the

Stan Styles Collection courtesy of

The attached photos show a sample bell and the close up photo shows that the bell was actually on two different locomotives #3485 and later on locomotive #811, (as indicated by the overlay of 811 on the previous number).   

This bell is a classic example of every bell 'telling a different story'.  Locomotive #3485 was built by ALCO in Montreal in July 1907 as a Consolidation (2-8-0), originally numbered CP#1685.  Its number was changed in September 1912 to #3485.  It was scrapped in June 1950, but the bell had been transferred to CP#811, (renumbered from its original number - CP#2611) sometime between 1939 & 1950.  CP#811,a Pacific (4-6-0), was built by ALCO in November 1908 and served the CPR until it went to the Quebec Central Railroad in 1939 and was scrapped in 1954.  But the bell was returned to CPR at that time and stored until sold to this owner.

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