CPR brass Steam Locomotive Bell

This collector purchased a small number of CPR steam locomotive bells directly from CPR in the mid 1970's. These bells were to be auctioned by Canadian Pacific when they opened their Bygones store in the mid 1970's but due to issues with manufacturing the yokes and related hardware, the auction never occurred.  We are have had new yokes, cradles and clappers produced by a foundry and the design is very similar to the original CPR blueprints.

Locomotive #6932/3559

Bell includes yoke (mounting hardware) and clapper

History courtesy of Ray Verdone ray@cprsteam.org

CPR usually stamped every bell with the locomotive number on which it was installed. One can often observe the renumbering history of locomotives reflected on the bell. In this case, the bell’s numbers clearly matches the CPR locomotives on record.

When this locomotive was built in 1909 as a Consolidation at Angus shops in Montreal as number CP1759, its number was likely not stamped on the bell. However when it was renumbered in 1913 to CP3559 the number was stamped on the bell at that time. Interestingly the letter “M” appears above the number as well as the number “4” on the opposite side of the bell. This loco was of class M4h and I surmise that these notations reflect the class assignment. I do not believe this was common practice to do so but is likely what happened in this case.

In 1929 the locomotive has its 2 front wheels removed and was re-classified as an 8 wheel switcher of class V4a. It was also renumbered 6239 and carried that number until it was scrapped in 1960 (see further detailed history below). .

History of this bell courtesy of cprsteam.org and photos from the

Stan Styles Collection courtesy of gtc-collectibles.com.

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This locomotive was built by Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Angus Shops, Montreal, Quebec, November 1909.

It was not given a builder's plate number. CP6932 was originally built as number CP1759.

It entered CPR service as a brand new locomotive on that date (November 1909).

CP1759 was changed June 1913: - CP1759 was renumbered to CP3559.

CP3559 was changed April 1929: - Wheel arrangement was modified from 2-8-0 Consolidation to

0-8-0 Eight Wheeled Switcher. - Driver diameter was reduced from 58 to 52 inches. -

The locomotive was reclassified from M4h to V4a. - CP3559 was renumbered to CP6932.

It was scrapped January 1960 after 50 years and 2 months of service. Locomotive CP6932 was of class V4a.

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